January 5, 2009

New Year's Resolution #1: Lose Weight for Good

Oh yes, it’s that time of year to once again commit to losing weight for good. And the headlines from myriad media outlets are ready to provide you with umpteen quick weight loss schemes and promises to make this simpler than ever. The problem is that the only way to lose weight and - the hardest part - keep it off for good, is to make slow and steady positive changes over time. Yes it’s hard work that takes diligence and perseverance!

For starters be honest with yourself about your for better or worse food habits. Then choose a few relatively easy-to-change food behaviors and set goals to make these changes stick long term.

Next, if you don’t currently exercise or get enough exercise, set a couple of goals to boost the calories you burn each day. Then take a realistic approach to making your lifestyle changes.

Accept that there are days you’ll be on track and days you’ll veer off track. Yes, you are human and not perfect. But, if you keep at it over time you’ll lose weight (maybe not as much as you want), become healthier and keep those unwanted pounds off forever!